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VIP Level Benefits

Would you like to know about Etechtown's VIP benefits? You will find all the information on this page. Etechtown currently has 4 VIP levels in place: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Did you know that you can already become a bronze VIP reseller with just a few orders! Read more below.

Which VIP level are you?

Your VIP level will increase whenever you have achieved a certain transaction value threshold. The table below shows the threshold values for each VIP level.

Transaction over $999
Transaction over $4999
Transaction over $10000
Transaction over $20000
For more details, please see below

What VIPs receive at each level?

All Etechtown customers already enjoy attractive benefits such as Western quality gadgets against China wholesale prices, 12 months warranty and world class dedicated customer support. However, there is more! The table below summarizes all the benefits for each VIP level.

The higher the VIP level the more price discounts you will enjoy
Get monthly volume purchase rebate
Lucky number Reward for leveling up
Receive attractive overstock offers by email
Wholesale Customers        
Localized power adapters provided for single item with 100pcs or more
Customer Support        
Fast and Professional Customer Support on email/phone
24/7 Live Chat Customer Support
Dedicated VIP Customer support(Email/Phone/Live Chat)
Order Processing & Service        
Request customized product description and declared value on your shipping package
Priority order processing
Warranty and Return Handling        
Priority warranty handling